April Activities

 Our schedules are so hectic that one Sunday when we all had the afternoon with nothing to do and were all at home it called for a Sunday Sundae celebration!
After Hank's football game we all made our favorite sundae and just hung out.  It was so much more simple when they were little and their schedule was my schedule.  I still try very hard to have a family meal every night of the week, but it certainly is tricky finding even a 20 minute window we can all sit down together.
 One morning while the boys were at lacrosse the ladies had a shopping day together to get Hailey everything she needed for prom!  A henna station gives a free henna word of the day and it happened to be Bliss.  I couldn't think of a better word to describe my morning shopping with my girls.  Well, maybe it would have been true bliss if the credit card bill went to some rich uncle instead of our house.  :)
 This little guy loves lacrosse so much he sleeps with his stick.  I think he found his sport.  He always has stick in his hand and is cradling the ball in the pocket.  There are SWAX balls all over the house and I am just waiting for the day the ball makes a goal through the window.  
Kaitlin also had a volleyball game every week.  Luckily she is still in the recreational league which is not as demanding as club.  She is working on her overhand serve and looking to move to the next level next year.
 Karlie and her friend did a community service project for GiG's play house, which is free resource center for families with children with Down Syndrome.  They each held a drink and treat sales to raise money to buy items from GiGi's wish list.  The girls raised nearly $250!  They were able to buy all the items on their wish list.  When they went to deliver the items the owner was overwhelmed to near tears.  She called them little angles.  Karlie has a heart for special needs children and serves as a peer role model in a special needs PE class at her school.  The highlight of her day is interacting with these kids.  She decided to take the volunteer orientation at Gigi's so she can volunteer there over the summer.
 It was so strange to only have one end of the year Open House to attend.  We are usually scrambling from room to room and performance to performance.  This year it was so calm with just Hank!  He had two pieces of art displayed.  I love the expression of the cat!!  I think the H buddies got the art gene for sure.  He has grown so much as a student this year.  He went to touring twice a week for an hour before school with his teacher to help improve his reading skills.  While we still have work to do, he has really taken off this year and has gained confidence in his reading ability.
One night Hank was the only one home and he wanted to watch Moana.  I want to soak up every minute that he wants to snuggle with me and watch a Disney movie!  These times are so precious and I know all to well how soon he too will be off with his friends and it will be weird to snuggle with mom.  April is always a busy month.  It is like the sprint at the end of the race, sometimes you just can't wait to get through it because then you can slow down into summer.  But I am trying hard to not always look at the finish line and try to capture every stride.

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