How Hank Spent His 10th Birthday

It is ironic that Hank's favorite breakfast is creamed eggs since he allergic to eggs.  However, Max has been pulling off the cream before adding the eggs for him and he thinks bread soaked in cream sauce with bacon is pretty awesome.
 He is also very into Dr. pepper right  now.  Like any good parent, Max took him to school and stopped to get him a Dr. Pepper.  I am sure his teacher appreciated him being all hopped up on DP.
 I brought in cupcakes and was able to eat lunch with him.  A nutrious day lined up with a Lunchable,  Kool-Aid, Doritos, a pickle, watermelon, and some Skittlets.  Just don't tell his dentist or pediatrician.
 He wanted homemade Tacos for dinner.  Finally something slightly healthy if you forget about the deep fried taco shells.
 He also chose brownies for his dessert.  I am still trying to find an eggless brownie recipe that I like.  Currently we use a mix and substitute yogurt for the egg and it just doesn't turn out right.  Luckily Hank will eat just about anything if chocolate is involved, so he thinks its great!
A perfect 10!

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