Kaitlin's Pottery Party!

Kaitlin has always liked pottery and recently has been into making slime.  She really wanted to see what it was like to make something on a pottery wheel.  We bought a Groupon package for a introduction to pottery class.
 Unfortuanely two of her friends had to cancel last minute, but Hailey and Karlie were happy to fill in and try it too!
We spent the first hour learning how to use the wheel and shape the clay.
I can tell you that it is much more difficult than it looks but it is wonderful feeling on your hands.  You just want o keep messing with it, but that it what wrecks it.  You have to stop while you are ahead.
 However, I was not channeling any feelings from the movie Ghost!  It is so messy.
 Each of us made a little vase or bowl.
 The next hour we spent learning about glazing, the kelm, and getting to glaze already fired pieces.
 After working up and appetite we went to Kaitlin's favorite fast food, Panda Express.  We rarely get Asian cuisine due to the likely hood of peanut exposure with Hank, so it is a special treat. :)
 She really wanted a piñata.  Kaitlin is my child that hates change.  I think it was hard for her to imagine a birthday party with no piñata since she has had one every birthday.  Her best friend was happy to indulge her!
 This was the first time I made a Kit-Kat M&M cake.  It was super easy!  I want to make this cake for every birthday!
I hope all your wishes come true my sweet.

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