My Kinda Birthday

Last year we had a continuous birthday celebrations!  This year was more like a typical birthday.  Our best friends were in China and we were watching their kids for the weekend.  What is two more when you have four!?  We started the day early with Hank and Ben's lacrosse.  While they practiced Max and I ran circles around the park where the girls played.  After getting a few miles in I was ready for a birthday sized breakfast.  Max made my favorite eggs Benedict and homemade potatoes and peppers.
After breakfast we squeezed in little pool and relaxation time before heading to Karlie's tournament.  Max was going to swap out with me so I could go home but Karlie was having a great tournament and I wanted to stay.  It was sweet, the team sang Happy Birthday to me and the girls won!  What better present could a mom ask for?  But we didn't get home until close to ten.  Karlie found a half eaten donut and she and Max sang to me since everyone else was asleep.  It was a busy day full of the people I love doing what they love which made it the happiest day.

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