10 Obstacle and Riddles Birthday Party

Hank wanted an obstacle birthday party this year.  Some of his friends are more athletic and some are more academic.  I wanted to make the party fun for both types of boys so they were going to have to use their brains and their brawn to win.  Max and I created 10 challenges the boys had to complete as a team to earn a birthday rebus to solve. 
  After solving the rebus they wrote the answer on a poster board to get the next challenge.
1. cupcake
2. balloon
3. candles
4. surprise
5. party
6. present
7. happy
8. birthday
The first challenge was to rip steamers apart through the lacrosse goal.  Then they had to launch water balloons from a bow into a bucket.  Next they had to each launch a water balloon over the pool.  I thought they would love sticking their face in a pie pan full of gummy worms covered with whip cream but it stung their eyes, got up there nose and made some of them gag.  Then Karlie slammed Hank's face in it and his nose hit the table which made hime cry.  Good times with screaming kids and gagging kids covered in whip cream!  
 After rinsing off in the pool they had to climb across the fountains without falling in the pool.  Then they had to use the water guns to knock over 10 empty water bottles.  The next challenge was to get 10 bags on the corn hole board.
The favorite challenge was bottle flipping and landing it 10 times.  They then had to each dig out 10 marbles with just their feet from an ice cold bucket of water.  Another challenge was to jump on the raft and all get across the pool without anyone falling off.  The final clue inside the piñata was decoded to say Happy Birthday 2 You!
 Luckily for me Hank loved Kaitlin's cake so much he wanted the same thing but with Skittles instead of M&Ms.
He also wanted a surprise Skittles vault inside the cake.  That is one sugary cake!
It was a rowdy birthday for our 10 year old big guy who is all boy all the time!

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