We all knew it was a matter of time before fearless Hank ended up with a broken bone.  The school nurse called me one morning saying Hank had fallen off the playground equipment and had hurt his arm.  He was pretty upset when it happened but that he had calmed down, could move his arm a little and he wanted to stay at school.  She also informed me a family physician had been in her office when it happened and examined him and thought it was most likely not broken.  We decided to do ice and wait 20 minutes.  I figured it couldn't be that bad if he wanted to stat at school.  Twenty minutes later the nurse called back and said I need to take him for an X-ray.
 Turns out it is near impossible to find an orthopedic open on a Friday afternoon!  We got the X-ray and Hank's pediatrician told us we need to go to the emergency room because he might need surgery. The X-ray said it was possibly broken and dislocated.
 Off to the hospital we went.  Where we waited and waited.  They finally decided he needed an MRI.
 As hard as Hank tried, it is near impossible for a 10 year old boy to be perfectly still for 30 minutes.  After the MRI and 6 hours of waiting, the ER doctor determined he did not need surgery and we could follow up with on orthopedic on Monday.
 Hank was starving so we made a midnight Taco Bell run!
On Monday the pediatric orthopedic said he needed a CAT scan to be sure he didn't need surgery.  Luckily we finally got to the bottom of it and Hank had an avulsion fracture where the tendon tore some of the bone off at the attachment point.
 While it was a pretty big bummer to start summer in a cast, Hank kept his chin up.  He said, " at least I can still dice stack!"  When we got home he tried to pull out his scooter and I asked him if he was trying to break his other arm!  The doctor said basically be a couch potato for eight weeks.  Ack!  Then I hear at school Hank was inviting everyone to step on his cast to see how strong it was.  This boy is going to send me to an early grave.  It is going to be a long summer keeping him still.

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