Vegas Volleyball or Bust!

Karlie's club volleyball team had a 3 day tournament in Las Vegas. We took off on Thursday to have little time to play before the work began.
 Once we got checked into our hotel I told Karlie we could do anything she wanted for the afternoon.
 She wanted to check out all the hotels and walk the strip!  The gardens in the Bellagio were one of our favorite stops. 
She was also rather fond of New York New York with all of its shops and themed restaurants.  We stopped at the Hershey's store and shared a peanut butter brownie that was delicious!
 I know you see things through a different lens when you are with your kids, but I feel like the strip has gotten even more raunchy and sexualized than before - if that was possible!  I don't ever remember walking around in daylight seeing women with just pasties, a thong, knee high boots and feathered wings walking around.  I thought you had to go to a strip club to see that.  It felt horribly uncomfortable when I had some of Karlie's teammates with me and we stopped at the cross walk where a man in bondage was being spanked by women "dressed" as police officers.  The fake badge was one of the larger coverings on them.  Is this what it has come to?  I wanted to cover all of their eyes while we waited for the light to change.  They kept saying, "I can't unsee it."  I know it's Vegas, but really at 3 in the afternoon this is OK on a public street with families.  Pretty disgusting.  It made me grateful Hank and Kaitlin were not with us.
Not only was it more raunchy it was an especially rowdy weekend because we were staying in the Monte Carlo that is directly across from the Knights' stadium.  It was hockey madness everywhere with everyone celebrating 24 hours a day!  One night the Knights played and won and it was like a rave outside our room until midnight.  Waking up at 5 am was not the easiest.
Karlie however was thrilled by the lights, the gambling, and the fun people watching.  I am pretty sure we are in trouble with this one! :)  She can't wait to gamble, just like her Grammy and Great Grandpa.  Gambling does nothing for me because I hate losing money.  I showed her what a waste it was by putting ten bucks in the slot machine.  It was literally gone in under a minute!  She just wanted me to try one more time.  LOL
 After a fun afternoon of exploring the strip we had dinner and tried to get some rest for the 7am match the next morning.
 Teams from all over the nation came to compete and it was amazing to see the size and talent of many of our opponents.  I think some of these California teams must be using growth hormones.  They were some of the strongest and largest 14 year olds I have ever seen.  Needless to say we got beat most of our matches since our tallest player is 5'8''.
After one of the long days of losing the girls met up to ride the roller coaster at New York New York. Karlie is deathly afraid of heights and roller coasters.  She really did not want to ride but wanted to bond with her team.  The peer pressure won and she went, but she had me by her side!  We both decided roller coasters are way overrated, especially with your eyes closed.
 Karlie has fantasized about going to an all you can eat buffet.  She is our foodie and is always watching how to make new foods or restaurants to visit on Instagram. 
Karlie's tournament was the same weekend as Hailey's prom.  I couldn't miss her first prom!  My parents were kind enough to decide to take mini vacation to Las Vegas to help me out.  My mom can always use an excuse to hit the casinos.  They took over for me on Saturday so I could fly home to help Hailey get ready.  They were a life saver.  They got to be a part of Karlie's first buffet experience!  She attempted to try everything they offered.  We were laughing at her dessert line-up.  It is a good thing she was playing volleyball for 8 hours each day!
It was fun to have some one on one time with Karlie and get to hang out with my parents.  Neither of those things happen as much as I would like.
On our final night we did the ritualistic face mask and snuggled.  Forty eight hours in Vegas had been more than enough for me, however Karlie was ready to party on and still wasn't ready to come home Monday morning.  She got to take her first flight alone.  My parents put her on a plane to Phoenix and then they jumped on a plane to Denver.  It was quite the jet set weekend for all of us.

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