Family Photo Shoot

It is so hard to all get together and to make work and kid schedules line up.  My oldest sister Chrysti and her family moved back to Colorado last year after living in California for a few years.  Hopefully  now since we are the only ones out of Colorado, we can get together more frequently than every few years.
The last time we took family photos was the year we moved to Arizona in 2011.  Alanah hadn't even been born yet.
This big old family is all their fault. :)
 The guys: Scott, Max, Colin, Titus, Snork, RJ, Anthony, Hank, Max
The ladies: Mel, Karlie, Alexia, Rayah, Kerrie, Alanah, Mom, Corrin, Katie, Hailey, Chrysti, Kaitlin
 You can always be sure Snork will make everyone laugh!
Belly boys
Mom and her girls 
Love these ladies
 Next was individual family portraits.
 Chrysti's boys HATE taking pictures.  It is impossible to get a picture of Titus.  I don't know how they bribed them but they were good sports for the family photo shoot.
It helps to have fun parents that never take it too seriously!
Both the boys will be in high school this year with max being a sophomore and Titus being a freshman!
Sweet Corrin will be a third grader,
We will have a senior, freshman, seventh grader and fifth grader.
 RJ is in eighth grade, Alanah first, and Rayah in fourth.
 Seven years ago when we moved Hailey was going into fifth grade, which is Hank's age.  In another 6 years six of the cousins will be adults and the other 4 will be teenagers.
 They say the days are long but the years are short.
Each of the kids did individual pictures as well.
 Hailey senior
Karlie freshman
Kaitlin 7th grade
Hank 5th grade
Sure love my family.💙  I can only hope to one day be in my mom's shoes taking pictures with my kids and their kids.

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